Behind the I LOVE BEAUTY universe is Denmark’s leading beauty expert Charlotte Torpegaard with more than 25 years of experience in the beauty business.

She started her career at beauty companies Elizabeth Arden, The Body Shop and Parfums Givenchy in Paris and went on to become Fashion and Beauty Director at leading Danish fashion titles Eurowoman and Cover magazines for almost two decades.

Charlotte is a well-known expert in Danish and Scandinavian media and a regular in Danish ELLE and Danish titles. She spent five years as the Beauty Expert on Good Morning Denmark TV and has participated in numerous radio programs. On her CV Charlotte also counts three bestseller beauty books.

In 2009 she launched her popular beauty blog, which has been labelled the best beauty blog in Scandinavia.

In 2016 Charlotte opened a small and very unique beauty universe in the famous King’s Garden in Copenhagen. It is located in one of the small attractive pavilions from 1806 inspired by Pont Neuf in Paris and owned by the Danish Cultural Ministry.

Several international beauty brands immediately had their eyes on the new beauty hot spot, and so did a huge number of media. The French Ambassador in Copenhagen performed the opening of the beauty pavilion and the beauty pavillon has been featured in numerous titles from Vogue and ELLE to Into the Gloss. 

Among Charlotte’s highly curated beauty selection you will find Vintner’s Daughter, Westman Atelier, LESSE, Lebon Organics, Amly Botanicals, Henné Organics, Odacité, Mason Pearson, David Mallett, Kjaer Weis, Child Perfume, Activist Manuka and Kure Bazaar – most of which she knows the founders personally from her years in fashion magazines. You will find everything available in her highly curated online shop as well.

In 2021 I LOVE BEAUTY won the prestigious award Børsen Gazelle 2021 as one of the quickest growing companies in Denmark. And we are proud to say that we won again in 2022 and 2023.